Foxtel Group Privacy Notice1


Effective 14th February 2024


Q. What kinds of personal information do we collect and how?
We collect certain personal information about you and authorised representatives on your account when you apply for or use our Services2, when resolving any disputes, and otherwise if required by law. We, or our service providers, may also collect personal information automatically when you use a Service and when you otherwise interact with us including on our websites or through social media, such as your viewing and browsing habits, information about the programs you watch and for how long, your data and call use, information about the device used to access our Services including your use of the device, and other information collected via various tracking technologies and software (such as cookies and device IDs). We may also supplement your information with information we receive about you from third parties, such as credit reporting agencies, data analytics companies, our related companies (including News3) and our business partners. We may also receive information about your use of certain third party websites. If we do not collect some or all of this information, it may limit our ability to provide you with the best Service we can.



Q. Why do we collect the information?
We collect this information to assess your application and verify your credit worthiness for a Service, and to connect you to, and provide and administer, your Service, including providing you with recommendations about your use of a Service based on your preferences and interests, billing and collecting unpaid amounts from you, contacting you about the Service, resolving any disputes, and otherwise if required by law. We use your information, in some cases with information from third party sources, to derive customer insights about you so that we can serve you better and personalise your experience. We also collect your information to promote and market our Services, and the products and services of our related companies (including News) and our business partners; to manage traffic and monitor your data usage; to conduct research; and to plan and develop our business and marketing strategies. We, or our service providers, may use your information to develop and enhance our Services, and the products and services (or any portion or component thereof) of our related companies (including News), business partners or third party service providers in a manner that might be appealing to you. Information we collect is also used to deliver personalised marketing and content from Foxtel and personalised advertising from third parties on our Services, and personalised Foxtel advertising on third party sites and/or social media sites, relating in each case to your interests or preferences. We may do this by matching information we hold about you with information we collect via various tracking technologies and software (such as cookies and device IDs) or by matching information about you with information from third party sources by using an anonymised common account identifier (such as a hashed email address).



Q. Who do we disclose this information to?
We may disclose your personal information:

  • to authorised representatives on your account;
  • to entities who assist us in providing, administering, supporting, improving, promoting and marketing our Services;
  • within the Foxtel Group and with our related companies including News, who may use and disclose it for similar purposes as set out in the Foxtel Group Privacy Policy. If you do not wish us to provide your information to News for their own use, please contact the Privacy Officer using the details set out below;
  • to our business partners who may include partners who offer competitions, special offers or promotions with us; partners who jointly provide a program, channel, service, product or feature; or partners who provide a service or product that interacts with our Services (such as a third party app provider);
  • to third parties whose platforms we make our Services available through;
  • to third parties so that they can derive customer insights about you. Unless you have otherwise agreed, where the information is provided to others for their marketing purposes, it will not contain any information that personally identifies you; and
  • to other parties where required by law, or parties responsible for investigating and resolving disputes concerning your Service.

We may disclose your personal information to related companies or third parties overseas who provide services to us, including to the United Kingdom and North America, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Israel and India and to our customer service contractors located in the Philippines and South Africa.



Q. How can you request not to receive certain communications and personalised messages such as addressable advertising?
We give you the choice of opting out of receiving certain communications and personalised messages such as addressable advertising. For information on how to opt-out please visit the relevant Advertising Preferences and Opt-outs page:



Hubbl: [TBC]



Q How can you access further information or complain about a breach of your privacy?
The Foxtel Group Privacy Policy contains further information including information about how you may request access to, and correction of, personal information we hold about you, how you may complain about a privacy breach, and how we will deal with a privacy complaint. The Foxtel Group Privacy Policy is available at or otherwise by contacting us using the details below.



Q. How can you contact us?
If you have questions about this Privacy Notice, our Privacy Policy, or to request a hard copy, please contact the relevant Privacy Officer at:



Mail: Privacy Officer, Foxtel Group, PO Box 649, Collins Street, West VIC, 8007

Telephone: 131 999




Mail: Privacy Officer, Hubbl, Locked Bag 9000, Crows Nest, NSW, 1585



[1] Foxtel Group means NXEA Australia Pty Limited (ACN 625 190 990) and each of its subsidiaries in Australia, including but not limited to, Foxtel Management Pty Limited (ACN 068 671 938), Foxtel Cable Television Pty Limited (ACN 069 008 797), FOX SPORTS Australia Pty Limited (ACN 065 445 418), and Hubbl Pty Limited (ACN 072 725 289).

[2] Service/s means the product/s and/or service/s supplied by the Foxtel Group which you apply for, purchase, subscribe to, use or interact with including our devices (such as set top boxes, modems, TVs and pucks), websites (and chat functionality), applications and social media sites.

[3] News means News Limited (ACN 007 871 178) and each of its related companies in Australia and internationally and other companies under common ownership or control (other than a company within the Foxtel Group).